The KJV Update Work of 2023

Current Status

The KJV Update Project is still ongoing now in 2024. For current details, you can visit the main project website at There is also an important project announcement that has been posted below.

* Project Announcement *

We have a publishing contract for the project. We are now seeking pastors who are willing to review the work on the KJV update before publication. If you are a pastor and are interested in doing so, please contact us via email at the following address.   Or if you know a pastor who may be interested, we encourage you to spread the word. Please help us and be praying about what God is doing through this project. May God be magnified.

The Work to Update the KJV in 2023

The Holy Scriptures Bible Society is conducting this project to minimally update the King James Version (KJV) of the Holy Bible. In 2023, the Bible Society completed much work on the project by the grace of God. Praise be to the LORD, the Most High, the Possessor of heaven and earth. During the year, the idea of a KJV 2023 was put forward to capture the vision of the project. As of today in 2024, the update of the KJV has not yet been finished. For more information, please visit our current main project website at